June 2024 Update

We have the final circuit design, and it’s sounding great! The last few noise issues are solved, and all the pots and encoders line up just right with the front panel. We’re getting prototype enclosures this month and thinking about packaging and the manual.

I’m also working on the firware update code to make sure we can roll out updates and fixes, and Nick is working on finishing up the full set of cool, mad, weird and wonderful beats.

Here’s a quick ad hoc jam to whet your appetite. This morning my son was singing Vanessa Carlton at breakfast, so that snuck in. As did the chord sequence from Max Blansjaar’s Red Tiger, which I’m playing in rehearsal tomorrow. Then my phone rang towards the end and the video cut out. But you’ll get the idea! I promise we’ll make some super hi-fi demo videos once we have the enclosure.

When it’s ready for preorder we’ll let the mailing list know first — make sure you’re signed up if you want to get your hands on the first batch…

June 8, 2024